Tiare Meegan

Name after a flower indigenous to the South Pacific, Tiare is the mom to a PowerPuff Girl and the wife of her college sweetheart. She loves life by the water and hopes to share her love of the ocean by photographing the moments and stories that inspire her.

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Help Save our Oceans

I am so grateful to live near and play in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  But I also  see first hand the pollution that drains into the ocean after  rainfall.   Most ocean pollution (80%) comes from the land in the form of runoff.  These images were taken after a storm spring  2017 and demonstrates how trash is interwoven into the natural beach detritus.  Plastics, which biodegrade at a very slow rate (centuries!), are abundant.  Join me and learn the small changes that  can slow the plastic pollution tide and become a part of the solution to reduce ocean pollution.  

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